They Come From Hell

Kill and the Rakshasa


Killua recovers from his injuries as the rest of the party narrowly escapes from the Moorside Mines with their lives, thanks to the miracle of Zeus. The party then encounters a dreaded land shark who manages to give them more of a problem than they bargained for. A strange man stops the Land shark from killing the adventurers and bribes them for information about where to find Killua. Khuul easily submits to the hefty sum of gold.
As Killua wakes up from his wounds, he finds himself in the care of an Elven druid by the name of Sapling. Sapling reveals the nature and danger of Balthus, the Rakshasa Demon and the Hunter of men. As Killua is leaving the Lakewood, he gets attacked by Balthus. Sapling helps Killlua escape from his grasp and tells him to make for the mainland in order to find Number 9 in the Spine of the World.
Once in Cirion, the adventurers purchase passage to the Sword Coast in Illuska. They arrive in Heroire after a long trip and begin their trek down south to the Spine of the World. Rakshasa.jpg

Shifty Business

After having heard King Wesley’s announcement that Cirion is in open war with their age old ally Heldor, the group met a mysterious man who offered them a job worth 500 gold. So, they set out west to Wolf Mountain where the small mining village of Moorside openly accepted Killua as their hero for having stolen from the Lord Crenshaw and giving them the spoils nearly Five years ago. The adventurers managed to make their way into the Silver mine to begin their job while Killua had to deal with old acquaintances at the Feast the villagers prepared. Fantasy-village.jpg


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