Year 0A
The beginning of the Material Plane. The Outer Planes clashed together to create the inner and neutral planes and all that we know of today.

Year 100A
Many of the Fey from the Feywild and Shadowfey plane shift into the newly formed Material plane, thus creating and founding the first Elven Empires and Kingdoms in The Elven Wilds.

Year 210A
Rebel Elves leave the Wilds and begin their own Kingdom in Aredri.

Year 250A
Humans from the North begin to make small villages and settlements throughout the Dragons Head. Some begin migrating south to Meldor and the Sword Coast.

Minority Races begin to appear in the Faltir peninsula.

Year 310A
Various Kingdoms of Men form in the rich and fertile lands of the Sword Coast. The Elven Kingdom of Aredri grows stronger and larger and the settlements in Hjorm begin warring against each other.

Year 500A
The Kingdom of the Elven Wilds mysteriously disappears in the year 430A. The jungles quickly take back the lands. Humans from the Sword Coast war with the loose villages in Faltir. Barbarian tribes fight for territory amongst the native Orc people in the Spine of the World. Dragonborn and dwarves neighbor each other peacefully by avoiding each other.

Year 780A
The Red Divide begins in the human lands of the Sword Coast. Neighboring Empires fight against each other in a bloody 150 year war.

Year 890A
The settlements in Hjorm are unified under Strom the Conqueror. He unites them under the Ivory throne into independent Kingdoms that work under the Jarl.

Year 930A
The Red Divide ends under the Damaran Treaty. Boris Darmaran, King of Damara, manages to end the war with a promise of peace, gold and progress.

Year 1024A
Thaddeus Roman, a missionary of Pholtus, establishes a temple in Faltir and with the power of Religion, unifies many of the villages.

Year 1399A
The first expeditions north discover a large continent. They named it the Sutherlands. Many colonists head north in search of land and wealth.

Year 1599A
A planar rift in the ground and sky rain down upon the lands hordes of Demons and creatures. The World is thrown into a chaotic frenzy of fear and war.

Year 1640A
The Gods of the Outer Planes combine forces and help cleanse the land of the evil hordes. Thus marks the beginning of a new era.

Year 211B
Current day


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