Over 30 years ago, the Priests of Pholtus had premonitions of the Lord of the Nine Hells burning and corrupting the lands of the Aerithian. After consulting with Pholtus, the Priests created 13 Beings of Power, each infused with holy magic. The Priest’s goal was to create a last line of defense against the impending doom that Azmodeus, The lord of the Nine Hells, would bring upon the lands.

However, the Priests were slaughtered. One by one, Azmodeus’ assassins killed the priests. Then, the hunt for the 13 began. Balthus, the Rakshasa demon and Azmodeus’ top assassin, was sent to destroy each of the 13. Slowly they fell to Balthus’ blades. Now, there remains only a few of the original 13…

With the engines of war firing up from the Ninth level of Hell and the alliances of men and Kingdoms of other’s teetering at the brink of war, Treachery and Death are at the doorstep.Asmodeus2.jpg

They Come From Hell

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