Rakshasa Demon


Hunter. Balthus is Azmodeus’ assassin, and his eyes and ears on the material plane. Originally sent to destroy the Priests of Pholtus, he was then instructed to track down and eliminate the Priests’ creations the Numbers. Over the last 10 years, Balthus has moved in secret to eliminate these numbers, until finally there are only three left. Number 1, number 3, and number 9.

Rakshasas are fiends, and originate from the 9 Hells, but after a revolt, many of them escaped to the Material Plane to seek their own endeavors. Since then, Azmodeus and Rakshasas have never been on the same page. Balthus however, stayed loyal to the Lord of Hell and proved his worth by tracking and hunting some of the most treacherous Rakshasa fiends that escaped to the Material Plane.

Balthus does not sleep, he does not tire, and he is immune to all but the most powerful magic.


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