Orhor Harbor

Harvest Festival
Every year during the end of Fall, Orhor Harbor hosts the Sutherlands finest Harvest Festival in the name of Olimmara, the God of Revelry. Many people come from across the land to partake in the food, wine and women. Many famous artisans and musicians come visit Orhor Harbor during the Festival time to attract new clients, build rapport, and most importantly, earn some coin.
The Festival itself is a one week long celebration that continues day and night. The town guard are on watch day and night as well.

The Harbor
Orhor Harbor has a large harbor and pier that many tradeships and privateers use to trade goods and resupply before setting off to sea again. For this reason, the docks are usually teeming with sailors and brigands alike. There are some taverns and inns by the docks who are willing to take the coin of such a wild bunch.

Orhor Harbor is run by a small group of delegates who are elected by the people. Unfortunately, many of the people in the city do not vote because there are many literacy tests. Most of the votes are usually held by the nobles in the Haven District. There are currently 3 delegates running Orhor Harbor at the moment.


Orhor Harbor

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